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A small business shines!

Only Curls is a UK-based hair care brand

Their goal was to increase awareness and boost sales in the UK.

Only Curls ran In-Feed Ads using TikTok Ads Manager. The ads delivered the message in an entertaining and authentic way.

The results

The results showed just how effective TikTok Ads Manager can be with the right targeting, the right creative and the right objective.

  • 2.3M+ Impressions
  • 10X ROAS
  • 6.87% Conversion Rate

A small business shines!

LUNA by Lisa, one of National Beauty’s leading brands in Ireland, is a hair, beauty and cosmetics brand. Their goal was to increase awareness and conversions across the country.

The results

LUNA by Lisa leveraged TikTok Ads Manager to run genuine, native ads.

The ads proved to be an incredible use of ad spend, reaching a brand new audience.

  • 5M+ Impressions
  • 41K+ Clicks
  • 2.3K+ Conversions

Of the TikTok users we have engaged with, the vast majority are new so we are getting exposure to a much broader audience base.

said Kieran Walsh of National Beauty

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